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One of the most prominent hardwares used for mass transfer is tray. Complete systemmdf cable bus is sold as a complete electrical feeder system. Change is a complex problem when conduit banks are involved. Cable tray systems are most often supplied without covers and therefore lack the security that a well designed cable bus systems will provide. Cable trays, gi perforated cable trays, manufacturer. However, at first you have to check the available spacepossible width and height of a tray, the locationusually some 10 inches under the ceiling it is to keep or under the ceiling beams at least 78 ft. The unique unistrut aluminium system splice plate is close fitting so that it is retained neatly and firmly on the cable ladder side rail. The primary role of cablofil cable management from legrand is to be an efficient and universal cable support.

The ladder cable tray must have an inside available width equal to or greater than the sum of the diameters. Chart is based on 50% fill of 4 utp category 6 cable o. Spare capacity of 10 % is considered for cable trays as per design philosophy for electrical. The spreadsheet calculates cable size according to length, amperage, temperature and number group cables. Special rung design to accommodate stainless steel banding of cables. This article will be a good reference guide for how to size a cable, and we will also include a pdf version. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray. The final drawings for a cable tray wiring system may be completed and sent out for bid or construction more quickly than for a conduit wiring system.

An effective cable sizing procedure model for industries an d commerial buildings dr. Cable tray size as per national electrical code manufactured. Tray must have an inside available width equal to or greater than the sum of the diameters of the cables, which installed in a single layer. Materials and finishes available are mild steel pre galvanised as standard with mild steel hot dip galvanisedafter manufacture and stainless steel grade 1. Cable tray must be supported on spans shorter than or equal to the length of the cable tray being installed. The last number is the length of the cable tray in meters or inches. Bline has recognized the need for a complete cable tray reference source for electrical engineers and designers. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems. Cable tray wiring systems are the preferred wiring system when they are evaluated against equivalent conduit wiring systems in terms of safety, dependability, space and cost. Select the bottom type based on cables and spacing requirements. In this series of videos about cable tray systems, you will know the usage of the cable tray systems in projects, its different types, the methods of cable trays installation, the calculations. The metal in cable trays may be used as the egc as per the limitations of table 392.

How to size a cable, conductor sizing per the nec national electrical code experts in the usa. Cable tray size as per national electrical code free download as word doc. Abbbailey foundation fieldbussee protocol listings on page 8. Download also cable tray and conduit sizing excel sheet. Excel containment sizing calculator excel networking. Tray cables do not provide internal moisture paths as do.

A length of installed media in between connection points, which may include permanent splices. Description the sheet works with a series of input data giving you a number of calculated values. Metsec offer complete cable tray systems from 12mm to 50mm deep and 50mm to 900mm wide, all with a wide range of accessories. Per the national electrical code article nema 3929b cable tray fill calculations and cable tray sizing calculations will be computed as follows. All data used in this excel sheet are according to iee. It provides the needed flexibility in circuit layouts in. The mechanical performance of all products and accessories is tested to the stringent requirements of the international standard iec 61537 and nema ve1csa 22. Download free excel program for cable sizing calculation. We wrote this article because every single day we are asked by electrical engineers, electrical contractors, and others in the electrical construction field about how to size a cable. Three cable ladder series are available to help optimize design and lower total installed cost.

Select nominal depth and width of tray based on cable loading. Since then, demand for wire cable tray has expanded rapidly and in 2001, cablofil demonstrated its commitment to the north american electrical market by establishing a 78,000 sq. Download now for a product quick selection guide and overview of the offering. Cable selection is even more critical if the cables are to be run any distance together in a raceway. Calculate size of cable tray excel sheet electrical. Cable tray systems and standards cable management metsec. Technical and sizing data unitray cable tray systems.

For technical queries with regards to your warranty application please. Firstly, its vital firstly, its vital to gather data about the cables, installation surr oundings, and the load that it. Full cable tray and cable management nema catalog eaton. Metsec cable trays generally conform to bs en 61537. Wire basket cable tray fill calculator cable tray sizing calculator. The sum of the cross sectional areas of all cables cannot exceed 50% of the trays fill area.

The bline cable tray manual was produced by blines technical staff. Tray columns are widely used in various types of mass transfer operations. Sizing cable sizing methods follow the unchanged basic step process. Calculate cable tray width calculate cable tray area calculate cable tray length calculate cable tray weight calculate remaining % width of cable tray calculate remaining % area of cable tray free download. Eaton s submittal builder tool for bline series cable ladder and tray allows you to easily filter, select and download straight section, fitting and accessory submittals. Cable tray and tray cable are also less susceptible to fire loss than conduit. In addition to the enclosure, the system also includes cables.

To properly evaluate a cable tray wiring system vs. Cable trays may be filled 50% when using control or signal wiring. Cable tray should be perforated and 20% spare capacity. Cable tray size as per national electrical code2002. However it is often necessary to select a tray or ladder design in the absence of accurate information on the likely cable load. A very informative and graphical report can be obtained after the analysis calculation is accomplished. Few designers go into the design detail necessary to reduce the effects of moisture in the conduit systems. Extruded aluminum ensure smooth edges, providing protection for cables.

Everything that is required for the system is supplied. This stage of design converts process requirements into actual hardware. Pdf effective cable sizing model for building electrical. A covering over the optical fiber or conductor assembly that may include one or more metallic members, strength members, or jackets.

Generally, cable tray sizing is correct when it appears 50% full of cable or wire, or when it contains a 50% fill of cables or wire. A small amount of engineering is required to change the width of a cable tray to gain additional wiring space capacity. Cable trays sizing according to egyptian code youtube. Once the process design stage ends, the equipment design begins. These guidelines will be particularly useful for the design, specification, procurement, installation and maintenance of these systems. Calculate size of cable tray for following cable schedule. Cable tray fill calculator cable tray sizing mp husky. How to size a cable correctly stepbystep comprehensive. Complete cable tray manual for electrical engineers and. In applications where multiple motors are each powered by a separate vfd, care must be taken regarding the selection of the inverter to motor cables.

Nithiyananthan 38 figure 2 shows rating factors to be included for m ore than one circuit and cables. Full guide of cable tray installation and sizing part 1. Additionally, the entered cable conductor information can be saved. Number of multiconductor cables rated 2000 volts or less. Cable tray numbering system contd a l u m i n u m fitting pre. We manufacture cable trays in the following thicknesses 1. Cable tray fill and sizing volts electrical design software. Find product information quickly and easily with the 2016 17 cablofil. The cable tray sizing equals the width times the loading depth. Cable trays are available in different sizes as per the customer specifications. Wire mesh cable tray fill ratio fill ratio cross section of cable cross section of tray according to nec 392. All metallic cable trays shall be grounded as required in article 250.

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