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Customer service and operational performance panel item. This new rail map shows how londons oyster card is. I am happy to confirm that all of our fares, both regulated and unregulated, are to be kept in line with the retail price index of 1%. To create a web account you will need to provide an active email address, your name, address, date of birth and phone number. If you plan to use pay as you go, travelling with a contactless payment card is a good alternative. The following changes to taxi fares and tariffs will apply from 2 april 2016. With the mayoral election coming up, fares will be a. Currently this is at the same level as the one day travelcard option.

Top up online and get easy access to your journey and payment history. See a chart of all the journey prices here and a map of travel zones here. Find the price of pay as you go caps and travelcards for your journey. Fares how much it costs and how to pay to travel around london find out whats the best ticket for you and how to use contactless and oyster cards, view fares, check if you can get a refund or replacement and see if youre eligible for free and discounted travel. Pay as you go fares and daily caps are the same as oyster. The oyster card is a payment method for public transport in london and certain areas around it in the united kingdom. Like the tfl version you enter two stations, but thats where the similarity ends. You dont need to top up your card before you travel or worry about running out of credit. Oyster charges for its default route unless routeing indicators have been set by using osis or pink validators. Initially it was only available on the london underground, but it has. In response to an offer from transport for london of funding to the train operating companies that have services within.

Oyster card single tickets on the london underground 2020. This advice reflects the mayors commitment to deliver a more affordable transport. Contactless smartcards on the railways of great britain. For journeys in central london zone 1, ticket prices are more than 50% cheaper with an oyster card. Your staff guide to fares and ticketing whatdotheyknow. Average prices of more than 40 products and services in oyster bay, ny, united states. You cannot get an oyster card with a discounted or childrate season ticket from oyster online.

On the tube, london overground, the dlr and tfl rail, pay as you go single fares in zones 16 are frozen, with the exception of zone 1 only and zone. I am delighted to be able to launch an alternative to the tfl single fare finder. Prices vary according to the time of day and which zones you travel in. The tables listed below show the oyster single ticket price for travel between different zones in london for 2020. Heres a comparison between pay as you go oyster card single fares and the standard tube ticket fare from a. The company credit cards have not been contactless.

Contactless or oyster for business travel fares and receipts. In light of the mayors commitment, tfl proposes a freeze in all fares on. As in 2015, child fares will be half the train company adult fare in 2016. The majority of rail services in the greater london area accept oyster card pay as you go payg payment oyster rollout was limited to a restricted number of national rail services at the introduction of the storedvalue product on london underground in january 2004. The payg contactless oyster bus and tram fare will be frozen at. Between 26 october 2015 to 21 december 2015, we consulted on proposals to change the fares and tariffs for taxis black cabs.

Calculate the cost of using an oyster or contactless card on the underground, drl, tfl rail and national rail services. If you dont, you might lose your travel concession or zip oyster photocard. Great western railway has published its planned fare changes to take effect from january 2016. Child rate offpeak pay as you go fares for 1115 zip oyster photocard holders are frozen. The two young people will travel for free on the underground, dlr and buses but not on the overground if you choose to travel to. Apply for an oyster photocard create a web account. The child offpeak oyster cap for zones 1 to 6 is frozen at. London bus fares and tube prices to be frozen in 2016. Rachel holdsworth london transport fares 20002016 this article was originally written in 2011, but is updated every year with the new fares. The oyster card is a payment method for public transport in london in the united kingdom. A standard oyster card is a blue creditcardsized storedvalue contactless smartcard. It may not always be the quickest route but often is. Oyster online transport for london get an oyster card.

For the purposes of fares, london is divided into zones with central london falling into zone 1, and further zones, going up to zone 9 at the outermost points of london. So i asked if we would be switching from oyster to contactless. The pay as you go oyster card is the cheapest way to pay for single tickets on the underground. White is the new yellow i presume that the purpose of these white card readers is merely to publicise this. Tfl 2010 fares media briefing note 15 october 2010 the 2010 fares package will come in to effect from 2 january across all tfl services. Travelling around london on southeastern is easy, we have 73 stations in the oyster payg area. Oyster cards have capped fares which means theres a limit on how much will debited from the card on any one days travel. Adult rate tube, dlr and london overground fares ucl. If your flight on the 22nd arrives mid morning or after noon then consider using payg on arrival day and asking for the travelcard to start on the 23rd.

The stations closest to the academy are all in zone 1. It is promoted by transport for london and can be used on travel modes across london including london underground, london buses, the docklands light railway dlr, london overground. It is linked at the top of the fares guide page, or you can access it here. Fares from 2 january 2018 tfl advice to the mayor 23. These are the fares for travel by underground you are charged the oyster single ticket fare if you pay with a contactless debit or credit card. As part of this he announced a fouryear fare freeze on all tfl fares starting next year, meeting his manifesto promise. This will allow us to promote payg more heavily as the payment method of choice, thus achieving greater fares transparency and improving social inclusion. Sadly for journeys like yours there are two possible zone combinations so the most likely is set as the default. Here is a map of routes now covered by oyster card pay as you go pdf. Ticket prices, april 2017 onwards you must pay before you travel. Apply for an oyster photocard transport for london. In july 2016, cash became the deprecated form of payment for travel on london buses. Direct comparisons arent always easy we had the introduction of oyster and removal of bus zones in 2004, and withdrawal of day travelcards.

Find fares for tube, rail and bus journeys in london. Single tickets on london underground are much cheaper if you use a pay as you go oyster card. Fares from 2 january 2018 tfl advice to the mayor 23 october 2017 executive summary this paper sets out transport for londons tfl advice to the mayor on the implementation of the tfl fares freeze in 2018. Oyster card pay as you go on national rail wikipedia. Whilst this is factually correct, however, tfl fares do not apply to many of the tickets under which regular passengers travel. We need your date of birth so we can confirm, as the web account holder, youre aged. So each time you use the card the single fare is debited until the point its at the level of the 1 day travelcard rate and then you will not be charged. For several years we have been using oyster for business travel a combination of nr and tfl. Contactless smart cards are being progressively introduced as an alternative option to paper ticketing on the national rail system of great britain. Oyster is a smartcard which can hold credit, for use as pay as you go payg, and travelcards. Fares available paying by oyster card or contactless payment card. Youll need to create a web account before you can apply for an oyster photocard. This uses a proprietary encoding developed by cubic transportation systems.

Am visiting london for a week in the summer with my 3 daughters between 1115yrs all of us nonresidents in the uk arriving late on a tue night at heathrow, leaving late the following tue, staying in north london zone 3 presently considering buying single tube tix for tue night from heathrow to north london gbp 15 and 7d travelcards for zones from wednesday gbp 96. Fares in 2017 tfl advice to the mayor 4 november 2016. Emergency bus fares with the buses going cashfree from the 6th july and the fact that you cannot guarantee that your contactless payment card might be rejected as payment if your oyster card has run out of credit, tfl have this weekend 8th june introduced one more bus journey. The results page contains all the different fares adult, 11. But it does have the advantage of being basically complete in its depiction of railbased transport in the. The first large scale adoption for transport in great britain is the transport for london oyster card. They can be used on all national rail services in london as well as all services operated by transport for london, tfl, i.

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