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All pages just need to scroll to read next page please login or register. D comic book show convention website address this convention will take place. This first volume collects the explosive adventures of 2000 ads original superagent, m. Kompas gramedia building unit i lantai 3 palmerah barat 2937 jakarta, 10270 indonesia telepon. High concept media properties specializes in comic book production from start to finish and can help you out with any step in between. When terrorists, superweapons and otherworldly forces plot destruction, the british secret service need. You can use left and right keyboard keys to browse between pages. Its black and white and 2ish pages with a few cover color prints. The strip was created by writer pat mills and illustrator enio. Click on the noblesse 105 manga image to go to the next page. Hulk, his cousin shehulk, his son skaar, his ally rick jones and his former enemy red hulk form a team known as s. Articles and interviews on comic books, graphic novels, creators, movies. The world of free new and old comics welcome to and receive a great opportunity to be aware about the newest and the most popular comics immediately. The realworld explanation is that it was a mistake caused by the strip having.

H 1 was one of the original comic strips in 2000ad, a heady mixture of the six million dollar man, james bond, science fiction and realworld espionage all wrapped up in hard hitting action, this is one collection i was excited to get my hands on. When the world faces extraordinary threats, only an extraordinary man can save the day. The story of john probe became far darker, deeper and more nuanced in the later 2000ad progs, leading to a fantastic denouement. This collection consists of the earlier stories that had an entertaining but superficial i. It debuted in the first issue of 2000 ad, which was published in february 1977, and ran nearly continuously until issue 64, dated may 1978. Articles and interviews on comic books, graphic novels, creators, movies and pop culture, not so much a secret agent, more a desperate ripoff. Dollar man, after kids said thats what they wanted to see in the comic and in later stories. Not so much a secret agent, more a desperate ripoff. Wright, pencils by enio legisamon pages 15 and ian kennedy. This is a very well done reprint trade paperback of m. This was apparently the most popular original 2000ad storyline and i can see why.

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